Eaton 9PX Single Phase, 5 kVA and 6 kVA

Powerware 9PX

Powerware 9PX

The Eaton 9 PX Rack/Tower UPS delivers premium online backup power and scalable battery run times for servers, voice and data networks and storage systems. The 9 PX UPS provides deployment versatility with a two-in-one form factor. When used as a rack UPS, the 9 PX occupies only 3U of rack space. Matching 3U extended battery modules provide additional battery run time while the energy-efficient design of the 9 PX UPS reduces energy consumption.

The Powerware 9PX comes in 2 flavors, a 208 or a 120/208 volt input UPS. The input can be hardwired on the 5 an 6 kVA or with an L6-30 plug.

Features Include:

    • Graphical LCD screen enables you to customize the UPS settings, diagnose UPS alarms and view load and power consumption
    • Provides more real power (watts) and saves valuable rack space by delivering up to 6000 VA/5400W in only 3U
    • Provides deployment versatility by offering rack and tower installation options with rail kit and pedestal stands provided
    • Increases availability with hot-swappable batteries and power module and an optional external maintenance bypass
    • Offers extended battery runtime options to power essential systems for more than an hour during an outage
    • Simplifies UPS monitoring and management with a bright LCD user interface, intuitive Intelligent Power® Manager supervisory software, NetWatch protection software (capable of shutting down virtualized servers) and optional eNotify service from Eaton® with communications card.
    • Provides investment protection with a two-year limited warranty, and a $150,000 load protection guarantee (U.S. and Canada) An extended warranty, Flex and PowerTrust service contracts are also available
    • True double conversion online technology gives you protection form all nine power problems
    • Can be Hardwired or Simple plug and play installation and operation
    • Cuts energy usage and costs with 93% efficiency rating in default, online mode
    • Advanced ABM battery charging technology to extend battery life and Automatic battery test (test period can be set)

Intelligent Power Software Suite:

By integrating the bundled Intelligent Power  Software Suite (IPSS), you can monitor and manage your network power devices, IPSS enables you to:

    • Seamlessly integrate with VMware’s vCenter Server virtualization management solution, as well as virtualization platforms such as Citix XenServer, Microsoft SCVMM, Red Hat and other Xen open source platforms

    • Initiate live migration of virtual machines (VMs) to automatically and transparently migrate them during power disruptions to unaffected devices with systems such as VMware vMotion and Microsoft Live Migration

    • Gracefully shut down computers and VMs and host servers during an extended power outage

Warranty: (USA and Canada) 2- year Limited Warranty
Power Rating: 5 kVA/4.5 kW; 6 kVA/5.4 kW
Input Voltage: 208/240 or Vac nominal, 200-250 Vac range
Output Voltage: 120/208V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz auto-sensing
Form Factor: Rack (3U) or Tower (same unit)
Topology: Double Conversion

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