Combination Surge Protection Products

ProShield range

UL1449 listed and CSA approved the ProShield range provides the ultimate configurable protection platform through the unique patented design of seven high performance AC mains/power outlets (US style) plus three easy slide-in data protection bays.

The ProShield is designed for home use, handle maximum surge currents greater than 27kA on home PCs, fax machines, home entertainment equipment, digital TVs, VCRs, DVDs, cable modems and digital satellite systems.

Communication modules simply slide-in to the ProShield protection bays and any combination can be installed in the ProShield at any time, providing complete upgradable protection for all sensitive electronic equipment.

These modules utilise solid state, auto-resetting Silicon Avalanche Diodes and earth automatically upon insertion into ProShield. Additional features of the ProShield range include a recessed on/off switch, large enough for easy access, power fault indication (the light indicates correct wiring when lit) and protection status indication (when lit, this light assures that the device is protecting).

All seven ac mains/power outlets are located on one side of the device, so ProShield also acts as a superior cable management facility.

  • Complete surge protection for PCs, LANs, POS Systems, Home Theatres and other sensitive electronic equipment
  • Easy slide-in communication modules allow for mixing and matching of protection for Fax/modem, Internet, LAN and cable TV applications