Eaton 93PM 20 – 200 kW

The Eaton 93PM UPS combines unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability with



eye-catching design. A space-saving, flexible device that’s as easy to deploy as it is to manage, it’s the perfect three-phase white or grey space solution for today’s mission critical applications.

 Features Include:

    • Industry-leading efficiency at up to 97% in double conversion and 99.1% in ESS
    • Unity power factor provides 100% real power in a small footprint
    • Internal battery options support up to 50 kW of load
    • Internal redundancy option offers ultimate reliability in a compact footprint and low cost
    • Fully detachable sidecar options for pre-wired, true external maintenance bypass in a slim footprint
    • Easy to manage with LCD color touchscreen interface and status-indicating LED bars
    • Flexible and innovative thermal management configurations to accommodate in-row, wall, or aisle installations
    • Easy to deploy with line & match accessory cabinets and a wide range of distribution options
    • Includes on-site 7×24 startup
    • Includes one year of eNotify remote monitoring service (requires connectivity parts and self-installation)

Warranty: (USA and Canada) 1-Year Limited Warranty

Power Rating: 20 – 200 kW at 10kW increments with  +1 redundancy at 50, 10 and 150 kW, pf >.99

Input Voltage: 480/277 Vac or 208/120 Vac with IAC-D

Output Voltage: 480V, 208 with IAC-D

Frequency: 40 – 720 Hz

Form Factor: Tower 22″W x 42″D x 74″H

Topology: Double conversion