Pre-Confugured Enclosures

Eaton S-Series Enclosure

Eaton S-Series Enclosures support a broad range of accessories, as well as power distribution, management and protection products, to provide a proven platform you can depend on to support your critical IT operations.


Eaton S-Series with Telescoping Chimney

The passive TC system combined with S-Series enclosure components creates a vertical channel that directs the heat exhaust of IT equipment to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings. Hot air isolation at the enclosure level allows you to increase rack densities and maximize cooling efficiencies.


Eaton S-Series Seismic

For applications where seismic activity or potential vibration effects are factors, Eaton’s S-Series Seismic Enclosure is a perfect solution.


Eaton Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Enclosures

From small businesses to government installations – SME preconfigured enclosures provide the perfect solution for small server, storage and communication racks.