Power Xpert Gateway card

  • Replaces the Power Xpert Gateway Series 2000 card
  • Modbus TCP/IP and SNMP v1 and v3 support offers open communication protocol and facilitates integration of your Eaton Powerware UPSs with standard building management systems and network management systems.
  • Log files can be exported in a .csv format and opened in Excel to help generate reports to achieve accurate logging for power quality analysis.
  • Choose from two options for remote alarm and event email notification: individual emails or collective notification, which provides the same information with a drastically reduced number of emails.
  • Easily integrates your Eaton Powerware UPSs into your existing Ethernet infrastructure; minimizing installation costs.
  • Card is hot-swappable so it can be installed without turning off power to the unit or disconnecting the load.
  • Netwatch client compatibility allows users to configure Netwatch directly in the PXGX card UI, set up UPS shutdown schedules, as well as UPS test and control.
  • UPS Power Management ensures the highest reliability and reduces power consumption to meet your business demands.
  • Supports the Eaton Environment Monitor Probe.
  • Monitor a single UPS via the card and its Web interface, or integrate multiple UPSs, and other data center equipment, into Power Xpert Software and Power Xpert Reporting for a comprehensive system view.



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