Eaton BladeUPS 3-Phase, 12 – 60 kW

The Eaton BladeUPS is a revolutionary power quality solution ideal for blade servers, data centers, networking applications, storage devices and critical IT equipment. The scalable and modular BladeUPS expands power protection from 12 to 60 kW in a single 19-inch rack while reducing energy and cooling costs with its energy-efficient UPS design. Eaton also offers BladeUPS Preassembled Systems, the same great product, just simplified. All you have to do is bring power to the unit and perform the simple start-up procedure. It delivers 12 kW of efficient, reliable power in only 6U of standard rack space, including batteries. Capacity can be expanded by combining 12 kW modules in a


BladeUPS Power Module

building block fashion to deliver 60 kW of redundant back up power from a single rack enclosure. This powerful configuration delivers higher power density than competitive, modular solutions, while dissapating one-third of the heat.The standard internal batteries provide five minutes of needed ride-through power at full load. Enough for an auxiliary power source to take over or systems are gracefully shut down. Run time can be exended up to 34 minutes at full load or 76 minutes at half load with the use of External Battery  Modules (EBM’s).
Features Include:

  • Protects mission-critical applications with innovativebackup power technology designed specifically for high-density computing environments
  • Supports the constant moves, adds, and changes of today’s dynamic data center with a modular, scalable. And flexible backup power architecture
  • Conserves valuable rack space with 12kW of power in only 6U of rack height, including batteries
  • Accommodates growth by enabling building-block upgrades from 12 kW to 60 kW in a single rack enclosure
  • Reduces energy costs and cooling needs through best-in-class efficiency performance
  • Simplifies installation and service with true plug and power connection and hot swappable batteries and electronics modules
  • Increases battery life through ABM technology, resulting in more uptime and fewer battery replacements

The BladeUPS now comes factory pre-assembled to ease installation. The pre-assembled system is factory installed, tested and placed in a 42U rack. Eaton fully assembles the system, complete with communications cards and system wiring validation prior to shipping. The system is then delivered to you on a single, shock absorbent pallet.BladeUps_4_enclosure3

Warranty: (USA and Canada) 2-Year Limited Warranty

Power Rating: 12 kW per UPS module to 60 kW at .99 power factor

Input Voltage: 208 Vac and 400 Vac models

Output Voltage: 208V model: 180 to 225 Vac, Ph to Ph
400V model: 180 to 240 Vac, Ph to N

Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz, ±5 Hz

Form Factor: Rack Mount

Topology: Double Conversion, Double Conversion on Demand