Eaton 9390IT 40 – 160 kVA

The 9390IT offers data centers and facilities greater flexibility and simplicity than ever before. Not available on competitive UPSs in this class, the 9390IT delivers simple plug-and-play power connections and expansion. Now data centers and facilities no longer need to hire expensive electricians when adding equipment racks or changing floor layouts. By simply plugging in a  compatible extension cable and/or ePDU, new racks can be powered in a matter of minutes.

The 9390IT provides superior protection and efficiency through transformerless design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry. The 9390IT delivers 99 percent efficiency, compared to



92 percent for the same-sized competitive UPS. The 9390IT also provides optimal efficiency across the UPS load range, meaning it maintains high efficiency down to the 20 percent load level. The 9390IT enables you to yield significant savings on day one, and not after years of expansion to full capacity.


Feathers Include:


  • All-in-one, space efficient, completely integrated system with internal batteries (40 kVA) and distribution delivers optimal end-of-row data center solution
  • Industry leading power density, providing up to 23 percent more power capacity in a compact all-in-one tower with
    internal batteries
  • Industry’s smallest footprint at 40 kVA, providing up to a 61 percent footprint reduction
  • Scalable 40 kVA modular building block, allowing for cost-effective expansion to 80 kVA with an on-board tie cabinet
    and 160 kVA with a four-module tie cabinet
  • Up to 40 percent more STANDARD runtime, eliminating the need for external battery cabinets
  • On-board pre-wired maintenance bypass and integrated distribution cabinets provide greater redundancy and reduce
    installation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced footprint extended run modules for longer runtime applications
  • Inherently 208 or 480 Vac-capable with no transformers
  • Patented Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology enables paralleling of up to four 9390 UPSs for additional
    capacity or redundancy
  • Power management software suite includes applications for remote UPS monitoring, management and shutdown to help insure system and data
  • Includes Eaton Saver System, ESS
  • Factory startup (5×8) included standard on all models; one-year parts warranty, 90-day labor warranty from startup date; two-year battery warranty
    on internal batteries
  • 9390IT with distribution from 40-160 kVA (standalone units only)
  • Includes on-site 5×8 startup and operator training by Eaton field technician
  • Includes one year of eNotify remote monitoring service (requires connectivity parts and self installation)


Warranty: (USA and Canada) 1-Year Limited Warranty


Power Rating: 20 kVA / 30 kVA, and 40 kVA / 60 kVA .9 power factor

Input Voltage: 208 Vac  or400 Vac

Output Voltage: 208/120 Vac

Frequency: 55-65 Hz

Form Factor: End of Row, Tower  (40 kVA) 18.9″W x 31″D x 74.9″H, (40 kVA with Internal Battery) 27.9″W x 31″D x 74.9″H (40 kVA with Internal Battery and IT Distribution ) 18.9″W x 34.9D x 74.9″H, (40- 80 kVA with IT Distribution) 26.9″W x 31″D x 74.9″H, (120 – 160 kVA) 43.9″W x 31″D x 74.9″H

Topology: Double Conversion




9390IT 40-160 Brochure             9390IT 20-80 UPS Manual